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At Happy Coding, we care about the quality of the code. Your product will be done with passion.

About me

Hi there, I’m Bao Vu

I am always eager to understand how systems are built, and how selected technologies fit together. For this reason, I don’t limit my-self into a fixed position but strive to contribute to every aspect of a system. I believe in strong teamwork; excellent team can make impossible possible. 



Software Developer

Rakettitiede Oy | Aug 2019 - Present

React, GCP, AWS. Golang, Kubernetes, Microk8s, Charmed Kubernetes, Lens, Helm, Jenkins, Docker, Redis, PostgresSQL


Customer project working in authentication flow implementation using Golang, GCP, Redis, PostgreSQL and Kubernetes in backend as well as React on client side. Media Upload flow using AWS S3, AWS cognito, AWS Cloudfront and Amplify SDK on the client side. Using ffmpeg to transcode video files to streaming with various video qualities. Setup bare metal server to work with Ubuntu Charmed Kubernetes. Customer would like to orchestrate ML processes using Kubernetes and Docker on bare-metal servers.

Head of R&D

Aido Oy | 12/2018 -Present

React, React Native, GCP, MongoDB, Firebase, NodeJS, Typescript ---

I'm responsible for product development of Aido including: - Architecture the system - Advice company about product/technology related decisions - Develop Internal, Customer Dashboard, end user mobile application, setup CI/CD based on git-flow strategy with Gitlab.

Software Engineer

Qvik Oy | 10/2017 - 08/2019

NodeJS, Golang, React, React Native, GCP, Kubernetes


Work as full-stack developer working with Google Cloud Platform and React Native application

- 2/2018-6/2018 : Mobile developer for Qvik's financial customer project (React-Native)

- 6/2018- : Front-end Lead developer for Qvik's financial customer project (React-Native)

Front-end Developer | 03/2017 - 10/2017

AngularJS, Sass, Photoshop, Adobe CC, Adobe Experience Design ---

I was hired as a front-end developer to join the UX team. Later on due to company restructuring

Full-stack Developer

WeDesignIt Oy | 06/2015 - 02/2017

AngularJS, Sass, Angular Material Design, GitLab, Grunt, Azure services, Azure functions, NodeJS, express, C++, Ubuntu


Develop an application for a client who ordered a mobile e-commerce application for clothes designs. I was responsible for building a crossplatform mobile application. Build NodeJS back-end API to work with Azure storages, and Angular frontend applications. I was tasked to develop client Ubuntu


Bachelor's Degree in BIT

Aug 2012 - May 2016


Certified Google Cloud Architect 

Professional Scrum Master I

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